Our Services

At Court Accountings LLC, we specialize in preparing inventories and accountings for estates, conservatorships, and trusts for filing with the Commissioner of Accounts.  We also qualify in any Virginia jurisdiction as executor, administrator, trustee, or conservator under Last Will and Testament or Court Order, and serve as agent or attorney-in-fact under Power of Attorney or trustee for Trust Under Agreement.  Using online resources, Court Accountings LLC locates heirs at law when family or friends cannot.



  • A list of estate or trust assets coming under the fiduciary’s control at qualification
  • Identify assets and assign values accordingly (date of death, date of trust creation, or date of court appointment)
  • Prepare inventory summary
  • Confirm proper filing of Notices
  • Calculate filing fees
  • Submit inventory to Commissioner of Accounts and answer questions during the audit



  • A detailed report of all the transactions within an Estate, Trust, or Conservatorship presented in a specific format and supported by schedules to meet the requirements outlined in the Virginia Code
  • Record, summarize, and classify receipts and disbursements for all accounts
  • Allocate asset transfers to beneficiaries and prepare distribution schedules and receipts
  • Identify and correct erroneous or missing transactions
  • Prepare accounting summary and accompanying schedules
  • Calculate filing fees and fiduciary compensation
  • Analyze governing documents (will, trust, court order) and verify satisfaction of all provisions
  • Organize backup documentation 
  • Submit accounting to Commissioner of Accounts and answer questions during the audit


In addition Court Accountings LLC offers assistance as follows:

  • Maintain proper records and meet filing deadlines 
  • Gather, sort, and organize financial information and other backup documentation
  • Troubleshoot inventories and accountings prepared by individuals or professionals
  • Identify and meet all court filing deadlines
  • Coordinate with tax professionals to insure timely and proper filings with the IRS
  • Refer fiduciary to legal, financial or other professionals as needed
  • In contentious situations, provide a buffer between fiduciaries and beneficiaries
  • Locate and contact heirs at law when friends or family cannot 

Serve as fiduciary with or without qualification

In addition the principals of Court Accountings LLC are available to serve in a fiduciary capacity:

  • Qualify as executor, administrator, trustee, or conservator in any jurisdiction in Virginia
  • Serve as fiduciary under Last Will and Testament, Trust under Agreement, Court Order, or Power of Attorney
  • Qualify in situations in which no family or friend is able to serve or a named fiduciary cannot complete administration due to poor health, death, or removal