Court Accountings LLC helped me with a problem that seemingly no one else could solve. Court Accountings knew exactly what to do, did the job in a timely manner, for a reasonable price, and left no stone unturned that I would have to deal with later. I cannot recommend them enough and working with Ann was very easy and a pleasure! It was truly a situation of the utmost importance that I could not find anyone else to tackle. I thank Court Accountings, and again, recommend them highly!
— Chas Goodrum, Owner of Barkley and Rover & Klub Kanine

I have worked with Jane for the last fourteen years. She prepares and submits the accounting filings required by Roanoke County for a trust account held by my sister-in-law. Jane’s accounting work has been excellent. There have never been any mistakes. The Commissioner of Accounts has always accepted the accountings she submits with no problems. In addition to her accuracy, Jane has always been very prompt. Jane also frequently coordinates information flow with our investment manager and our CPA/tax preparer. In summary, Jane has managed this process for me in a totally reliable manner. I really enjoy working with Jane. She is very personable.

Ann Hodges made the process of settling up my father’s estate easy for me. She was professional, organized and worked through my material in a timely manner. At the end of her work, she handed me a summary that was simple to follow. Thank you
— Rob H.

I would like to express how much we would like to extend our thanks and appreciation for the outstanding services you and your company provided us with the recent closing of my father’s estate.We had no idea of the complexity that would be required and the tedious process we faced with the final submission of the estate audit to the commissioner’s office.

We will always thank our lucky stars that we were referred to you by our lawyer. Your attention and diligent efforts to finalize the estate was exemplary and we would be delighted to provide any testimonial to potential clients for your company.Again, thank you for all that you did for me and my family during this difficult time.
— Teresa M. Robinson

I am happy to recommend Court Accountings LLC to anyone needing assistance with estate accounting. Ann Hodges provided an invaluable service for the final accounting of my brother’s estate during my time of mourning. Because of her professionalism and expertise, I was able to close the estate in a timely manner. She enabled me to present a complex final accounting to the Commissioner of Accounts which he approved without question. Her work is commendable, and her fee is reasonable. Ann is not only efficient and knowledgeable, she is a pleasant, understanding, caring, and compassionate lady. I am so grateful to Ann for her help. She is “over-the-top.”
— Anne K.

After months of working on settling my mother’s estate I was down to the final accounting. I had kept careful records and thought the final accounting would be a “breeze”. Little did I know. I worked on it for about a month with no success and knew I needed help. Jane Judah was recommended to me and it was a wonderful recommendation!!

Jane and I met several times and within a relatively short time she had it “balanced to the penny”. She was a delight to work with. Jane is a true professional, organized and reassuring. I cannot thank Jane enough for the work she did for me. I recommend her highly!!
— Jane W. B.

Dealing with after-death paperwork is like dealing with an IRS audit and I had no earthly what I was doing or what to expect. Ann came to our house, organized all the paperwork and put it in a form acceptable by the courts. The court stamped my paperwork APPROVED in short order and without question. Her services were the best few dollars I have ever spent.
— Clarence T.

For anyone looking for help handling an estate, I highly recommend Jane Judah. She takes the stress out of a very stressful experience.

We live on the west coast, so when my husband’s elderly mother was suddenly executor of an estate in Virginia, we were at a loss. Thankfully, Jane was handling our case. She took the time to get to know us, our concerns and desires, and made sure our needs were addressed and incorporated into the process. Nothing was left undone. With her expert guidance, his mother was able to confidently fulfill her role as executor.

Jane is a strong advocate. Her broad experience and deep knowledge of the system streamlined the process for us. She walked us through each step, making sure we had the right information to be successful. And she was a powerful liaison for us with the other professionals involved in the estate. We always knew she was representing us.

Jane is a pleasure to work with. Her high-energy and great sense of humor brightened up the gravity of the situation on many occasions. We were very fortunate to have Jane on our side.